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Harry Potter Grand Contest

one of the oldest rumbles and HSWs on LJ!

The Harry Potter Grand Contest
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One of the oldest rumble and HSWs communities, and all dedicated to HP =)



Welcome to the Harry Potter Grand Contest! The basis for this community came from disney_rumble, and the whole idea is to create an extended competition, much like a LIMS (last icon maker standing), but without an elimination or required graphic that week. So, having an off week? No problem! Your score is added up over the course of 10 challenges and we determine the winner that way. No disqualifications, no eliminations.

Are you interested? Then read on, my friend!

• You may enter as many or as few challenges as you'd like. Obviously the person who enters all 10 rounds will have a better chance than the person who only enters 5, but if you just want to play along for the sake of playing when you have the time, there's nothing to stop you.
• Every week there will be a first, second, and third place winner as well as either a mod's choice or special category. This is how you earn points. 5 points goes to the first place icon(s), 3 to the second place icons(s), 2 to the third place icon(s), and 1 to the mod's choice or special category winner. It will be this tally that decides the winner at the end of challenge 10.
• All icons must be within LJ standards (100x100 pixels; 40Kb). No other restrictions apply. Animated icons are okay.
• At the end of each round, special contests will be held for either extra point winnings, community banners, or community icons, so watch for those.
• Icons, as with all contests, must be anonymous and cannot be posted in icon communities or used by yourself until after that challenge has been voted on.
• I would recommend saving your icon to a free hosting website such as PhotoBucket, TinyPic, or ImageShack.
• Guys, practice good sportmanship. It's just common courtesy to behave civilly, not get uptight, and to not get upset. This is a friendly competition, and I ask that you as members and participants keep it that way.


Want to become an affiliate? Post HERE.

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